“A considerable amount of time and ‘research’ was put into place before making my purchase with Solay Wellness.  I steered away from Amazon affiliates because I preferred what I found on the SO Well website; even before receiving my initial order, I started promoting your organization as a great place to ‘explore’ if interested in the medicinal value of Himalayan salt.   I ‘m impressed with the SO Well line of products, I’m impressed with the company’s mission and philosophy, and I’m extremely impressed with the customer service offered – used twice before placing my order.”

“I love everything so far and have been thoroughly impressed with your prompt responses and knowledgeable help!!!”

“I just am always hesitant when I buy over the internet as to quality of things but you seem so sincere and I love your site.”

“I LOVE my Solay Salt Lamp, I was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses and immediately purchased several products, including a salt lamp and salt bowl. I plan on getting more in my home and office. I have noticed a big difference in my overall health and my body feeling and breathing easier! I love the products and I am a big believer in Solay!” –Kimberly Black-Maffet

“Dear Isabella, I received my shipment of salt rock lamps and other items and was very pleased. They are beautiful and create such a nice glow in the bedroom and family room. I’m sure my family will be thrilled with their gifts as well.  Thanks so much for the samples also.  I can’t wait to try them.  Our 13 yr old Australian Shephard loved the “cookie”.  It was a real pleasure ordering from you and your co.—you definitely practice true “customer service”.  I’ll be calling soon to order more lamps! Thanks,”–   Patty

“Isabella, Well – I am now ordering for additional lamps for our home. Currently, I have one in our (me and my husband’s) bedroom and one in our sons room. My one son has Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) AND Autism.  He has suffered from sleep disruptions for over 5 years (he will be 6 in June).  Within a week of this salt lamp being in my son’s room – he started SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I am shocked, please, over joyed.  I have ordered a lamp for my daughter’s room and some for the downstairs.  This is just a miracle lamp and we love it!”–CW

Read more testimonials on our SOLAY WELLNESS FACEBOOK PAGE >

17 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. marciasmcmillin,

    Love your new web site! This is a lovely company to deal with…I have bought a lot of the salt lights both for myself and for gifts. You will be very pleased with these products and with the owner and with the service. Couldn’t recommend this company any higher! They are just WONDERFUL!!!

  2. stephen493,

    I too have purchased several items – salt, salt lamps, replacement bulbs, energy pendant – both on line and by telephone, and have found your company to be exemplary. Had to return something once and there were NO questions asked as to why? etc. no hassle and I received my new cord in record time.
    I would really like to recommend and commend the energy pendants. The photos do not do them justice. They are as described – beautiful, well-crafted works of art. I purchesed one for my niece and she loved the beauty of it. As I decribed the properties of the salt stones to her I’m not sure she was convinced…until she wore the pendant! She tells me that she does feel “something” different when she wears it – and it has become a favorite.

  3. bellk,

    I have used the Unscented All Natural Dog Shampoo for 2 years and it is the absolute BEST dog shampoo I have ever used! I have a 65 lb Goldendoodle and she needs bathed every week. This shampoo has never dried her sensitive skin out and she never smells “perfumey”. She also never “smells like a dog”. I love the natural ingredients. I would recommend this well priced product to any dog owner.

    Kimberly Bell
    Altoona, IA

  4. Jim,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great Himalayan rocks, great phone
    customer service, fast delivery, and great packaging job! I will definitely
    continue to order and refer people to you. Cheers

  5. Carol,

    We have visited SoWell many times and each experience was better than the last!!
    We have used the Salt Room to help with Asthma, bought Salt Lamps for ourselves and as gifts. We have used a variety of kitchen products and personal products as well. SoWell is a fantastic company and Isabella and her staff are so knowledgeable and friendly!!!

  6. Michael,

    I have purchased about 6 salt lamps from SoWell over the years, as well as some salt candle holders and the salt blocks for cooking. Everything has been great. And I had a pleasant experience with customer service recently when one of my lamp dimmers stopped working. They promptly sent me a new one for free, and all I had to do was pay to ship the broken one back. Lyz was quick to respond to my emails and is very nice. Thank you Solay / SoWell 🙂

    1. isabella,

      Thanks Michael! we love your support! dont forget, you have a $5 credit for shipping back the broken cord, this way we recycle them or fix them and give you $5 for sending it back to us!

  7. Don,

    My sincere thanks to Isabella and the team at SoWell! I first experienced their products at a spa while on vacation and decided that i wanted to use them. I couldn’t be happier with all of the products – bath salts, Himalayan rock salt, the lamps, etc. Perhaps the only thing that exceeded the quality of the products was the amazingly personal and expert customer crevice. Thanks again!!

  8. Traci Malone,

    I have asthma, allergies, and a low immune system.. and there is always some sort of stress! When I come home from work, I love to sit on the couch right next to my large Himalaya Salt lamp and get revitalized! It does wonders. At first, I feel just all over comfort and calmness; it’s so relaxing. And with all of its benefits, I soon breath better, sinuses are lighter and I feel wonderful. I don’t know what I’d do without it. So Well’s Himalaya Salt lamp has improved my life both physically and mentally! Thank you, So Well!

  9. Heidi,

    I purchased a few salt lamps as gifts this past Christmas. After a slight mix up during the busy holiday season, Isabella went above and beyond to correct my order. The lamps I received are unique, beautiful, and very soothing. I am so happy with them and appreciate the great customer service! I am excited to try some other products and would recommend So Well 100%

  10. Jamie,

    Love love love my salt lamps! After doing tons of research…. I finally made my purchase from So Well!
    Real authentic Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps!
    Great color!
    In my bedroom lamp reminds me of the color of a fireplace. Sleep has been great! Very relaxing peaceful vibe!
    Living room lamp is wonderful! Nice accent to home. Again very pieceful nice color!
    Brings me sooo much joy! Thank you So Well! I will be purchasing more in the furture!

  11. cheriesikes,

    Thank you Isabella! I love these lamps!!! Better yet, so does my husband who says he is sleeping like a rock because of the one I have in our bedroom AND it helps clear up the Rosacea he gets on his cheeks. Seeing major improvement already!

    We got “tuned in” to the benefits of salt when we where on our last cruise this past year. We were on the NCL Getaway and spent an hour a day in their salt room in the spa and saw the benefits immediately!!!

    Thanks again!


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