“Good morning, and blessings of this gorgeous full moon— I wanted to let you know that my most recent order arrived safely, everything in perfect shape, and I thank you! My life as I knew it continues to change with respect to my skin. As I mentioned before, it’s always been cranky and sensitive, and after years of experimentation with all manner of products, I’d pretty much given up on ever finding anything that my skin would tolerate. Even gentle rubbing with pure water to remove dead skin usually resulted in a blistery red rash, and I’d pretty much resigned myself to this fate.

Then came gentle rubbing with slightly dilute Sole, and then your wonderful moisturizing creme, and now the gentle scrub. Honestly, with each one, I’ve applied it gingerly and just waited for the trouble, but instead my skin has just bloomed. It really didn’t look this fresh and hydrated when I was twenty…..which was a while ago! I still can’t quite believe it, but I beg you never to abandon your business and always to offer these wonderful products.

Also, I wanted to mention how completely happy I am with all the varieties of Himalayan salt.  For a few years I’ve enjoyed trying out the many gourmet salts that are popular now, but after a week of cooking and sprinkling the ground rock salt, the coarse ground salt, and the fine ground salt you carry, it was obvious where the quality, purity, and flavor were most, and where my family’s health was blessed. 

We had a grand time stacking up all the other salts, as well as all other skin care products, and boxing them for one of our local charities, which means that not only do we now have the best of both salt and skin care……we also have a lot more cabinet space! Thanks and thanks, Isabella!  And thanks especially for the thoughtful little “extras” you tuck into the boxes; the candies will definitely be on my next order.”

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