Yessica from Angel Lights Productions explains the many benefits of Himalayan Salt Lights. She shows why the SoWellMade salt lights are superior to the rest of the competition. You’ll learn what to look for when purchasing a Himalayan Salt Lights and why quality is important.

Salt Inhalers have been recommended by doctors, including Dr. Oz, to help with allergies, sinus infections and breathing difficulties. Watch So Well Health Coach, Walt Ingvolstad, explain what a mineral rich, ionic Himalayan salt inhaler is, how it works, and why you should be using one to breath better, clear congestion, heal the lungs, and overall wellness.

Adding more salt to your diet may seem a bit strange, but with Himalayan Salt there is no such thing as too much. Watch So Well Health Coach discuss the health benefits of the purest, most mineral rich Salt available and how it can help you feel SO WELL and why you should be using only SO WELL fair trade Himalayan Salt.

Salt Lights have unique properties unlike any other type of light. Watch So Well Health Coach explain how to take care of a So Well Salt light.

If owning a salt light seems enticing, but you have a bunch of questions, watch So Well Health Coach explain what are Himalayan Salt lights, how do they work, where to use them and how they can help you breathe & feel better.

Not only can having a salt light improve your environment, Himalayan Salt has additional benefits if taken internally. Watch So Well Health Coach explain SOLE (pronounced SOLAY) the health benefits of this ionic, mineral rich wellness tonic and how it can help you FEEL and Live SO WELL.

Listen to Health Coach Walt Explain the Benefits of Himalayan Salt and Health Benefits of Minerals- Just takes a few minutes!



Don’t forget to check out our Podcast! We feature talks about Himalayan Salt and all the great benefits. Hear from our customers on how Himalayan salt has helped them feel So Well.

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