A New England Nutritionist

“I am a health care practitioner, who was made ill by faulty mercury amalgam removal 15 years ago. Even though the removal was mandated by a holistic MD, the dentist considered the procedure a fad, and without merit. He did not use appropriate protocol, even with a very pregnant dental assistant helping him. Amalgam was drilled out of the left upper and lower teeth.

I quickly developed severe headache, uncontrollable tremors, which prevented my navigating a spoon of food into my mouth, aching kidneys, insomnia, etc. The kidney meridian runs through the knees, which became chronically swollen. The holistic MD intervened with 2x weekly high Vit. C IV’s with selenium. I have spent the intervening years trying to correct the residues of the mercury poisoning. Have made kombucha for years, taken chlorella, done IV chelation, seen doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and herbs. In short, I had not been idle, and all of the above had brought improvement.

Five months ago, I began taking 1 tsp. of the sole’ solution in water on arising, and was startled by apparent deep level detox of residual mercury. In the first week, I noticed dull headache; my kidneys felt uncomfortable. That subsided. By week 5, headache became unpleasant and entirely left sided. My left eye felt initially dry and granular; pain ran through it. Pain also in the left jaw, the teeth, and mastoid bone. The left eye became nearly swollen shut with a painful sty on the lower lid. The eye oozed for three weeks, and in the morning, the eyelashes were stuck together.  As the sty drained and subsided, I noticed a rosier complexion, greater mental clarity, and well-being.

Now after 5 months of taking the sole’, the swelling in the knees grows less. I had been athletic; that ability and inclination are returning. This detox took me by surprise. It was a bit difficult, but am sleeping deeply again, and symptoms dating from the time of the mercury poisoning are becoming notable by their absence. Thank you. “

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