Pamela Markley

“Your lamps are absolutely beautiful. My enjoyment and appreciation of them never ceases to amaze me when I walk in a room or am near one.

I have to share with you my experience with your wonderful sole. When I began, each morning after taking it there was considerable coughing, so knew it was clearing the lungs. I also noticed after a number of days that I was more relaxed. After about 5 weeks it dawned on me that my craving for sugar was gone. Also, a white bump that has been on my cheek near the nose (for many years) seemed smaller. One more thing I cannot forget to mention — my skin became silky smooth from drinking sole. Recently I added another tsp of sole and a tsp of Alkalive Green powder by Phion (alkalizing formula) to a liter of water to drink throughout the day. As a result, the white spot on my cheek has almost disappeared, and my hunger between meals is reduced because it gives my body just the perfect little boost and balance it needs glass by glass. I decided to share Himalayan salt with my friends and massage clients.  

One of my regular clients had developed a little nodule on the Achilles heel of each foot. They were painful to touch, yet he had hesitation about going to a Dr. and this went on for several months.  One day I suggested he try the sole internally, and, use one of the salt rocks on the area as well when showering. He said yes to the idea. He came back in two weeks all smiles and said “Guess what, the nodules on my heels are half gone”. He is very grateful to have something noninvasive to work with, and that is obviously helping. It just goes to show that when we are missing our minerals, there are signs in the body and in our habits.

I will continue to share these wonderful products with my clients and am experimenting with the 84 Mineral Therapy Detoxifying Mud Mask, not to mention the salt baths.”

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