“Hi, I am so enjoying my salt lamps, but I think my cat likes it more. She has a skin condition ( more than allergies)  and she is constantly itching and scratching. I take her to a holistic vet and he has had her on some omega 3 oils and a small pill to help her.

Since I have gotten my lamps, she has stopped itching and scratching, seems very calm and sleeping so well. She was curious about the lamp when I first got it, but now she just lays on the floor somewhere near the lamps and does what cats to best. SLEEP!!! We do bath her with a special soap every 2 weeks. Now I am wondering if maybe the salt soap would be a good thing. 

I am going to take some literature about your lamps to the vet.  I know he has other patients that would be interested. I just ordered more lamps for gifts. Thanks”

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