I’m slowly transforming my life into a more green way of living. So Well® offered me a step in doing so, through their natural organic beauty care products.

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Solay Wellness Featured in Books

So Well® is a company that definitely gets the New Age Mama seal of approval.

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Awards and Certifications

  • 2008 Natural Health Solutions: Beauty with a Conscious Award “Best natural face scrub”
  • National Health and Wellness Club Member tested and approved program

Featured in Magazines

  • TimeOut Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Pioneer Press, Yoga Chicago Magazine” Environmentally friendly gifts” Dec/2005 and countless others.
  • Yogi Times Magazine “Unique and beautiful light sources” Dec/2005
  • Heads Magazine “Awesome glow review” Dec/2005
  • Spa Wire and Spa Guide: Guide to Day Spas and Stay Spas
  • Home Lighting and Accessories Magazine “The Enlightened Showroom of Wellness” Dec/2005
  • Better Nutrition Magazine, Women’s Health Special October 2006
    Article: The beauty of salt, 84 Mineral Detox Mud Featured
  • Time out Chicago/ Issue 83: September 28-Oct 4, 2006 Critics’ Pick for Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit
  • 2007 Natural Health Magazine Review
  • National Health and Wellness Club 2007
  • “Simple Dish Soap” Natural Home Aug. 2007

I was very impressed with all of the So Well® products. They were simple, yet clean. They felt pure on my skin.

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