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  • 14th Anniversary Special Purchase:  38% off!  Set of our fair trade and handmade amber XL and large salt lamps only $89.95!
  • 14th Anniversary Special Purchase:  Our traditional amber hand carved large lamps in large and XL sizes are marked down to $43.95 and $57.95 respectively.  
  • All other orders ship flat rate of only $8.95!
  • Coupons apply to all sale prices, and all volume discount promotions, but coupons cannot be combined.  

Current Giveaways

Past Giveaway Winners

So Well - Fair trade, Well Made

Himalayan Salt Lamp Extreme Giveaway
Ended 04-16-18
Winner:  Lynda W. of Arizona. Affiliate Partners Exclusive Giveaway
Ended 05-06-18
Winner:  P. Gunther
Winner:  C. M.
Winner:  J. Hughes
Winner:  A. Clark
Affiliate Winner:  E. O'Connor of Nevada

So Well Pamper Mom Giveaway
Ended 05-07-18
Winner:  G. Patterson of West Virginia

So Well Father's Day Mega Set Giveaway
Ended 06-13-18
Winner:  T. Caouette of Pennsylvania

So Well Labor Day Rare Grey Giveaway
Ended 09-05-18
Winner:  T, Majors of Alabama