“Sometimes your head itches and no matter how well you rinse your hair, no matter how often you shampoo, it still itches!

So, it was with grateful pleasure that our team tried this soothing Green Tea Shampoo: we became hooked on the fact that itching stopped, and even dandruff abated! How great is that? It’s terrific if you have been searching for a natural product for your sensitive scalp and nothing has quite worked to alleviate scratching and flaking.

This shampoo is soooo gentle, and yet it cleans thoroughly! The ingredients are organic green tea, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, jojoba oil, Wellness Water, Himalayan salt, soy protein, vegetable glycerin and potassium hydroxide. Note that there are NO preservatives, parabens, SLS, waxes or fragrances – just gentle, soothing, good for your skin and hair ingredients.

Think of how good green tea, coconut oil and Himalayan salt are for your insides: nutrient dense, mineral-filled, antibacterial, antioxidant etc! Now you can take all those healing, soothing nourishment and apply it directly to your hair and scalp: it’s brilliant AND natural!
The consistency of the shampoo is slightly thinner than most, allowing it to easily spread through your hair…we think we use LESS of this shampoo because of this. The lather is not overwhelming, and yet it gets to every strand and rinses out easily. Our favorite part is that after drying and styling, our hair is not only shiny and clean, but our scalps do NOT itch, no matter how many days go by.

Really, the ingredients are marvelous for any type of hair, but if you have been suffering from itching or flaking definitely give this soothing shampoo a try as it works! Great ingredients, GREAT results, we are all fans of this shampoo as it’s Pure Zing!

“We really were so surprised! I mean, we really didn’t expect that this shampoo would be different from any other dog shampoo, but it is! It was so unexpected! There really is a difference and it shows on his skin and coat: so much more silky and fluffy, and his skin has healed.”

Those were the words of Rhetta: Buster’s owner. Since the Pure Zing team is fresh out of dogs right now, we gave our dog shampoo sample to a neighbor. Her dog, Buster, had been scratching and she was afraid that she was going to have to take him to the vet and get some serious medicine.

To the rescue! We encouraged her to bathe Buster in this shampoo and there were immediate results! We saw Buster the next day and his coat not only looked fluffier that we had ever seen it, it was soooooo soft! The owner, thinking that this might have been some kind of fluke (although she did not tell us that at the time) decided to use the shampoo again and this time, she left the lather on two minutes which the bottle recommends but she had not done the first time.

Buster’s skin got even better, and his coat, if you can imagine, was silkier and looked whiter and cleaner than even before! That’s when we got the above testimonial. NOW our neighbor was totally convinced: she was estatic and Buster was prancing around obviously pleased with his appearance and lack of itchiness.

“The first time his skin looked so much better, and his coat was soft, but NOW….well, its really amazing shampoo! He just looks wonderful, don’t you think… and his skin is totally healed and he’s silky and fluffy. I’m convinced that this dog shampoo really IS different!”
If that true testimonial is not enough to convince you, then maybe the ingredients will: mineral rich Himalayan salt, Aloe, oatmeal, wheat germ and coconut derived surfactants. There are NO parabens, NO SLS, no preservatives or waxes to irritate or even clog sensitive skin. Just, good ingredients and restorative and healing Himalayan Crystal salt!

Buster is the proof. He looks Mahhhhvellous! His owner is thrilled and vows that this is the only dog shampoo that will touch Buster’s skin and coat from now on. If your dog’s coat and skin could use some TLC, then be sure and try this soothing and super cleaning shampoo with only natural ingredients: it’s Pure Zing!

“Isabella, I do hope you see this reply. I had been looking for really good quality salt lamps for quite some time and just never felt comfortable with what I saw…My order came yesterday and I was thrilled!  Everything was just perfect; the craftsmanship, sizes, shapes, colors, etc.  Really, really, nice…Thanks so much for caring to do things right.

What caught my eye at first was the quality of your website, which in fact, lured me into taking the chance to buy the salt lamps.  The website is beautifully designed and very easy to navigate…Then, a colleague of yours contacted me to see if a substitution could be made on size so the shipment could come sooner than later… excellent customer service.  Very generous of you to do so. I am into natural products too, so I am about to order some cleaning and personal care products to try.

Again, my thanks… I wish you much success with your business…

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