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Raw Crystal Rare Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp – 10 to 12 lbs.

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For those that admire the pure beauty of Himalayan salt, this lamp showcases a raw cut of salt and stands alone without a base to highlight its natural appearance. The lamps range from rectangular to square, and as one dimension increases, the rest will decrease.

  • Height:  Up to 6″
  • Length: Up to 12″
  • Width: Up to 6”
  • Weight (approx): 10-12 lbs.
  • Includes: Salt lamp on peg feet, 1.8 meter dimming cord w/ UL certificate, 15 watt bulb and care instructions. 

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For those that admire the pure beauty of Himalayan salt, this lamp showcases a raw cut of salt and stands alone without a base to highlight its natural appearance. Resting on small peg feet, this lamp offers sleek and relaxing decorative properties, no matter where it’s placed. The grey color of these unique lamps comes from a rare vein of Himalayan Salt. Although these lamps are predominately grey, white salt and/or amber salt may be present due to varying concentration of minerals in the salt. Feel free to display them on floor corners, various nooks, counter tops, or larger surface areas.

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What is fair trade? And why is it so important? Learn More

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Fair trade | Handmade

So Well® has been designing and importing handmade, fair trade, authentic and rare Himalayan salt lamps and other fair trade and handmade Himalayan salt products since 2004.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

Fair Trade

What’s the big deal about Fair Trade? We actually get this question a lot! If you look up the definition of Fair Trade, you will find results referring to a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions while promoting sustainability. But to us, Fair Trade is that and so much more!

Fair Trade ensures that producers receive fair market prices, are free from labor abuses and use sustainable growing and production methods. In a world where corporate profits rule these crafters and farmers are often exploited, creating a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. Fair Trade can break that cycle, creating better lives, stronger communities and a healthier environment. We are dedicated to Fair Trade, and use suppliers dedicated to Fair Trade and sustainability.

We import all of our salt products through a long-term direct relationship that creates mutual accountability. Our partners observe fair trade principles that include 25% greater than average wages, human rights such as rest breaks, chilled water, protective clothing, safe working environments and medical care. You can be assured that our talented craftsmen are respected and cared for as valuable members of the So Well team.  We do not supply big box stores and only work with customers who value high quality, uniqueness and Fair Trade.

A primary component of trade is the small premium that buyers of fair trade goods pay as part of their purchase price for socially responsible products. An important factor of the fair trade social premium is that the producers decide where and how it is spent. In our case, our production partners use it to raise wages, create a safe working environment and offer important benefits.  Additionally, our ingredients are harvested sustainably and we use 100% reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

So Well is a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade. Learn more here.

Color & Composition

Each fair trade salt lamp is original with its own distinctive organic shape and color. So Well lamps are beautifully crafted with a goal for the best “shaping” and handpicked for you (our producers avoid lopsided, dirty rocks that are often found for sale by other brands.) The images on our website are So Well lamps from our stock, and yours will be similar, yet distinct. Our images are offered to show examples of our quality and selection. Each lamp is 100% unique and will have striations, fissures, cracks, and color variations – none of which interferes with the physical structure of the lamps. Each lamp is hand crafted from start to finish by our partners in Pakistan.

All of the salt we use in our products, whether lamps, skin care, bath & body, or edible salts, originates from within the same mine and our relationship with our producers stretches back to 2004. The greys and whites are rare in the Himalayan salt range, and we place a premium on those products because they are made from materials that are harder to secure. When it comes to lamps and candle holders, all the colors will perform in the same manner – the salt is the same, but the color and appearance is different based on what minerals – or lack of minerals – are found in that particular salt. Your preferences or needs will dictate what you should choose for yourself and your particular space.

So Well lamps are not only unique, but come in a variety of colors, each with their own special qualities.

Amber: Our amber Himalayan salt lamps are ideal for deep relaxation, restful sleep, insomnia and grounding. The deep, serene glow of these lamps is caused by their rich mineral content. Their natural colors add a sense of serenity and a relaxing feel to homes and offices. Deep orange, apricot and red colors are used to inspire bliss, balance and creativity through color therapy. Our customers report deeper, restful sleep after placing an amber salt lamp in the bedroom. Iron, copper and magnesium are the predominant mineral components, along with 81 other minerals present in the Himalayan salt, causing the amber color spectrum in these lamps.

Rare Grey: Our grey Himalayan salt lamps are designed to be dark and have little light shine, perfect for those who want the therapeutic benefits of the negative ions, but who cannot sleep with a light on. These lamps have the added bonus of being very rare and unique. Try dark bulbs, such as blues and purples to further darken the lamps.

Rare White: If you want something that looks as good as it makes you feel, tap into the power of white. Our white Himalayan salt lamps are great for energizing, healing, meditation, and giving a surge of positivity. They are perfect for work environments to give you energy throughout the day. Try colored bulbs to match décor, use the lamps in a color therapy routine, or even just show team spirit. This white salt is the rarest salt we offer.

Ions & EMF

Negative Ions

You hear a lot about the benefits of ‘negative ions’ when it comes to salt lamps, but you may be asking yourself what negative ions are, and how these lamps work to release them.

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. But that’s not all. Not only do negative ions help our mood, they are also natural air purifiers.

Dr. Albert P. Krueger, a microbiologist and experimental pathologist at the University of California, found that a small quantity of negative ions can kill bacteria and quickly remove them from the air, thereby reducing the chance of infection. So Well Himalayan Salt Lamps are an excellent source of negative ions. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or immunity problems, our salt lamps can give your entire system a boost. Himalayan salt is even strong enough to reduce mold, fungus, and other bacteria from your air, so that you can breathe – and rest – easy. By creating a balance of ions in the air, they stimulate natural drive and healthy energy.

Sounds great right? But how exactly is the salt lamp releasing these negative ions? The emission of ions is primarily caused by the alternating actions of the salt’s ability to first absorb water, and then evaporate it. When a lamp warms, it attracts water molecules from the air to its surface. Negative ions build up and are then released. Negatively charged ions help cleanse the air because they attach themselves to contaminates and allergens, which are positively charged. The larger particles formed by this interaction then fall to the ground, and out of the air we’re breathing. The ions cleanse the air of harmful dust, electro smog, bacteria and other toxins. As a result, the salt crystal lamp improves air quality and your body’s health.


While living in a world of advanced technology may be convenient, it may also be harming us with unhealthy EMFs (electromagnetic fields). So Well Himalayan Salt Lamps can help mitigate these EMFs.

One of the issues nearly everyone faces today is exposure to EMFs, or electromagnetic fields. Actually, electromagnetic fields are essential to life on earth. An electromagnetic belt surrounds the Earth. Every form of life depends on this electromagnetic field of vibration, known as the Schuman resonance frequency. The Schuman resonance frequency states that the average resonance frequency of this belt—the resonance frequency of the earth—is 7.83 Hz (cycles) per second, which can be measured via EEG in the human brain.

The EMF of a typical television or computer monitor, however, is approximately 100-160Hz. The consequences of continuously exposing our bodies to these higher electromagnetic fields (EMF pollution) can cause nervousness, insomnia and poor concentration, as well as stress our immune system.

Crystal salt, in its neutral state, exhibits an exact frequency oscillation value of 8-10 cycles per second. The lit salt lamp therefore, reinforces the earth and our body’s natural resonant frequency, which helps combat the more harmful higher EMFs (100-160Hz) from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

Lamp Sizes

USB Himalayan Salt Lamps | 2 lbs.: Feature a small wooden base, and a natural or globe form. Makes the perfect attractive room accent with benefits or place next to computer or workstation to help minimize EMFs. Fit in nooks and nestles in bookshelves well.

Small Himalayan Salt Lamps | 2-4 lbs.: Have small peg feet on the bottom giving it a more crystalline look. Makes the perfect attractive room accent with benefits or place next to computer or workstation to help minimize EMFs. Fit in nooks and nestles in bookshelves well.

Medium Himalayan Salt Lamps | 5-7 lbs.: These are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, smaller rooms, or grouped together for dramatic visual effect and enhanced ionization benefits. Perfectly sized for a tabletop or nightstand, especially next to near your bed.

Large Himalayan Salt Lamps | 9-13 lbs.: These bring a beautiful glow and healthier air to kitchens, office reception areas, home offices, playrooms, or place near computer and audio equipment in home theaters or den to help absorb EMF.

Extra Large Himalayan Salt Lamps | 16-20 lbs.: Dramatic accents that are ideal for living and great rooms, counter tops, businesses, therapists’ offices, in lofts, large rooms, or wherever greater ionization capabilities are desired.

Extreme & Oversize Himalayan Salt Lamps | 35+ lbs.: These oversize lamps feature massive amounts of salt for the greatest ionization potential. Ideal for window or floor displays, in entryways, reception areas and larger rooms. These are statement pieces. Often used in architectural design to accent rooms and areas or as showpieces in smaller scale commercial spaces.

Architectural Himalayan Salt Lamps | 220 lbs.+.: These are almost exclusively used in commercial environments, or in homes where that incredibly special piece is a must have to match the larger scale in that environment. Often used in architectural design to accent large open spaces or as showpieces that are focal points in lobby areas or executive offices.

Raw Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps | 10 lbs. to 20 lbs.:  As one of our larger lamps, these Raw Himalayan Salt Lamps offer great ionization potential. These raw and organic forms fit on floors extremely well. They balance the symmetry and smoothness of typical living and work spaces with a rough and natural shape.


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