What is Fair Trade ? Buy Pink Himalayan Salt Products

Buy Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Products

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Where can I buy Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Products?” – just know that you are not alone. It can be difficult to find ethically sourced pink Himalayan salt. Many of our customers want not only to contribute to their own wellbeing, but that of the planet. Our repeat customers have chosen a way of life that is healing—both to their bodies, and to the planet.

So the question remains, “Where can you get Fair Trade Himalayan Salt products?” The good news is that So Well only uses the highest standard in Fair Trade Himalayan salt. The Himalayan mountain range encompasses a long area, from Pakistan to China. At the frontiers of the mountain range, the pink Himalayan salt is often mined unethically—using child labor, or extremely low wages, often in appallingly unsafe or unsanitary working conditions. In areas like these, human life is cheap, and we at So Well refuse to believe that one can put any price on a human life.

–What Is Fair Trade?

You might be asking yourself, “What is Fair Trade?” Fair Trade is a social movement that focuses on bettering the lives of the individual producers of market goods. Their philosophy is based around monitoring international trade legislation to ensure that wages are provided for workers that reflect their work. This is often the emphasis when major corporations pay workers pennies an hour in one country, instead of paying them dozens of dollars in another. Fair Trade pushes to regulate trade to ensure that workers not only survive, but thrive.

Another main point in the philosophy of Fair Trade Agreements is that working conditions be safer, and their means of production be environmentally sound. Instead of deforestation, environmentally sustainable trees like Neem might be used, and chemical waste is strictly prohibited. This is achieved through open dialogue, transparency, and respect for the Earth and its many inhabitants.

Fair Trade labeling is a bit complicated, but in short these labeling organizations use a Fair Trade definition created by FINE—an informal association by four trade networks: Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, World Fair Trade Organization (WTFO), Network of European Workshops, and European Fair Trade Association (EFTA). According to Fairtrade International, six out of ten consumers on the planet have seen the Fair Trade mark, and 90% of those trust it.

–What About Fair Trade in the United States?

Chicago Fair Trade (CFT) is the largest fair trade coalition in the US. It is comprised of a dedicated base of member businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, congregations, and individual activists. CFT works to increase support for environmental and economic justice through consumer education, advocacy, and promotion of local Fair Trade establishments. CFT pushes for building support and awareness for ethical production methods, environmental sustainability, fair wages, and safe working conditions.

–So Well Represents the Highest Standard in Fair Trade Agreements

Thus, you can now rest assured that you know what it means to the planet to purchase Fair Trade Himalayan salt products. In some parts of the world, Himalayan salt is mined using child labor in horrendous conditions, for almost no pay. Our Himalayan salt comes only through ethical and sustainable sources via the highest standards in Fair Trade Agreements that ensure that the mines hire only adults, use environmentally sustainable means; and So Well makes sure that our skilled artisans and craftsmen that carve our lovely Himalayan salt lights for example, or fashion the wooden bases from sustainable wood, or create our lovely Himalayan salt pendants wrapped in copper or silver—that these artists are cared for, that their families are cared for, and that their environment is safe so that generations of miners can continue to thrive just as their mothers and fathers did. This is the So Well way.

–What Fair Trade Means To You

When an artist is paid well and is employing his craft as a skilled artisan, the quality of the final product is about a 1000% better than someone that is cranking out piece after piece without concern for the quality of the work. So, you can rest assured that:

For you Fair Trade means your supporting authentic artisans and their skilled craft

You’re getting a product that is made with care and consideration

The end product is beautiful and well made and of superior quality

You’re supporting a healthier happier environment for the artisans and their families

You’re contributing to making the way you would like to see in the world a reality

Start your journey today knowing you are getting the very best, fair trade, small business Himalayan salt product-Guaranteed!

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