“I couldn’t believe how fast the rest of the order came, thanks so much . And thanks so much for the salt rocks and previous tea bags. I love the shitake mushroom seasoning,yum. I used on roasting vegetables and it was  very earthy and tasty. I’m hooked. I really love the shampoos and conditioner that I have tried. The shampoo doesn’t lather like commercial products, and is much less viscous than most shampoos. It leaves your hair light and soft, even in “hard” water. The conditioner isn’t “slick” on your hair like commercial products, but that is no indicator of its effectiveness. Leave it on for a few minutes and you will truly be amazed when you wash it out (even in hard water).”

“Your hair will feel so soft, will stay untangled, and will be residue-free. It will stay cleaner longer because it is not attracting “dust” from the environment like regular products do. I truly cannot stand “product” left on my hair, which even the most expensive conditioning products do. They do leave my hair “heavy” and it needs to be washed every other day. When I use products, I can go one more day in-between washings and my hair looks and feels great. 
I have no idea why your hair products last so long, but i am not one to be complaining about that! Those little bottles seriously must be magic…they really do last a long time, and I have LOTS of thick hair. Thanks for developing such an awesome product. I didn’t know what I was missing! I’ll be back soon. Namaste”

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