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Criteria For Guest Posting, Blogging, Reviews and Advertising:

Need to contact us about an order, or some other inquiry?  Please CLICK HERE. 

Guest Posting to our Blog and / or Articles area:

Yes, we do accept guest post submissions.  We limit our guest posting and therefore have strict guidelines to consider your submission. 

  1. The content you submit to us must be unique.  We do check this when submitted, and also over time.
  2. You must submit a minimum of 1 public sample that is at least 1000 words for us to review prior to considering topic ideas.  
  3. Must be high quality.  That means no spelling or grammar errors, proper structure, and good headings and or transitions.  
  4. Must be minimum of 1000 words, and prefer closer to 2000
  5. Must have at least 4 links out of our site to others and they cannot be linked to sites that directly compete with our product lines.
  6. We will offer 1 of the 4 links as a do follow link to your site. 
  7. Must have at least 1 internal link to our internal products.  2 is better. 
  8. We will own the content submitted and it cannot be submitted in substantially similar form to other sites. 
  9. You will be the author, and we will post the piece either under your author name or a guest account.  

For Press:

Please use the contact form at left to send any inquiries as to our products, services, or for comments on your story.  

For Review Requests:

We consider VERY few requests for product to review.  You must have a demonstrated following across multiple channels that is active and engaged.  This community must number above 50,000 combined audience members.  We will review each request on a case by case basis.  You may submit your request to the left and we will reply with our agreement, or decline the placement.