Welcome to So Well -Made with Passion and Purpose-

Welcome to So Well -Made with Passion and Purpose-

We invite you to embark upon a journey of wellness…

Why would you want to take a wellness journey? What are the benefits of wellness? What does health wellness entail?

Well, it varies from detox cleansing (teas, raw foods, water, etc.) to taking vitamin and herbal supplements, spices, uncovering mineral deficiencies to redefining your diet to yoga and Pilates exercises to changing your bedding linen. For some, massage, acupuncture and chiropractics are a must, these practices can relieve pain, stress and realign your body.


What is ultimately achieved is a balance in our lives, where we minimize the toxins we take in and expose ourselves to by eating organic foods that are grown without dangerous pesticides, examine the skincare products we use and the alternatives with natural ingredients over toxic chemicals, or implementing exercise and meditation as a means of strengthening our bodies and reducing stress.


We’re our absolute best, strongest and happiest in a balanced state through healthy choices that spawns a feeling of well-being as we stave off disease and the natural effects of aging.Weight loss, chronic illnesses such as hypertension and high cholesterol can be greatly improved with a change in our diet.

A wellness journey helps us to identify what our body needs and what it doesn‘t, from a good night’s sleep which does wonders to improve our overall health, to the air we breathe to what minerals our bodies are lacking.

Minerals are needed by your body to function properly; it helps your blood carry oxygen and builds strong muscles. The difference between vitamins and minerals is vitamins are organic substances, which are made by plants or animals.

Minerals are inorganic elements that come from the soil and water and are absorbed by plants. Examples of mineral deficiencies are calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. Your body only needs small amounts of trace minerals which are chromium, copper, iodine, iron, selenium and zinc to list a few.

Minerals are natural sources of nutrition and can come in many forms, from green foods to supplements.

At So Well, all of our products incorporate 84 mineral rich Himalayan salt.

The 84 minerals in this salt are in an ionic form which is molecular instead of colloidal like regular sea salt. It is therefore more easily absorb-able and much more use-able by our bodies than any sea salt. Sea salt because of its relatively large size is difficult for the body to digest and use whereas ionic Himalayan salt is molecular and virtually no digestion is required.

We invite you to embark on a journey for health and wellness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it can be to have a healthier, vibrant you. We’re committed to helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle from the air you breathe to the products you use, the foods you prepare and consume and the restorative and relaxation therapies engage in. We do the research and the crafting so you don’t have to.


Hi Isabella, Last year in January (2012), I developed an unbelievably bad rash from neck to toes.  When I rushed to a dermatologist, she said that she sees only 2 or 3 cases like mine in a year – it was that bad and I had to take strong medicine to get rid of it.  When the doctor did biopsy, she said that I have a contact dermatitis.  I had to do a patch test and discovered that I have severe allergy to propylene glycol which is in over 5,000 products from shampoo, tooth paste, face cream, baking goods, salad dressing, to almost everything we use daily.  I did a lot of research and changed everything to your products from  shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, face cream, body cream, salt lamp, pots, etc.  I got rid of all the rash and feel stronger, cleaner, and much better.  I feel so thankful that I found the company like yours who are committed to only provide the best quality products.  Thank you, Isabella, and I wish you a continued success!!  I will be with you. “—- Junko

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