USB Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Reduce Harmful Radiation (EMF)

Benefits of USB Himalayan Salt lamps to reduce radiation (EMF)  from your computers

For those of us that live a modern lifestyle, surrounded by cell phones, wifi, smart TVs, laptops, and even home automation, we are not aware of the increased electromagnetic radiation (EMF) that is emitted by each electronic device. 

Benefits of USB Himalayan Salt lamps to reduce radiation that is filled with positive ions.

Positive ions are basically atoms that have been stripped of their electrons like store-bought wheatgrass juice without the pulp. Positive ions are often responsible for a lack of immune system, if you feel like you are constantly under the weather. It can also increase stress and irritability—or that I’m-going-to-throttle-the-next-person-I-see feeling.

The positive ions in electromagnetic radiation also are known to cause lethargy, or that I’m-never-going-to-get-out-of-bed feeling, and having a USB Himalayan salt lamp can actually help you to reduce your EMF exposure while working, and feel renewed and refreshed for all your work tasks on a computer or keep it as a mini salt lamp in the bedroom. 

If you have a loved one that works in an office, or is constantly on the computer, then the Benefits of USB Himalayan Salt lamps to reduce radiation might make a valuable gift to help counter those harmful positive ions.

You will feel the USB Himalayan salt lamp working,  blocking emf and providing a soft glow that is perfect for working long hours next to the computer. Just plug So Well’s USB Himalayan lamp right into your USB port, there’s no need for any complicated extra plugs.

Our USB Himalayan salt lamps come in two lovely colors and two shapes: white, and our softest amber glow in natural and round. These colors have been used in color therapy—or chromeotherapy—to relieve pain, provide a deeper sleep, and help to focus the mind. All of So Well’s USB salt lamps are sure to keep you relaxed and refreshed, even when you’re stuck in your office cubicle with the worst case of the Mondays.

This also makes a perfect gift for a student in a dorm room that is generally so wired on coffee that they haven’t slept in three days, and they still have to study for their anthropology exam in the morning. It is also a perfect gift for your flâneur niece that seems to constantly be somewhere new; you’ll see her update her profile picture on Facebook every week—this week, the pyramids of Giza. Next week, the Eiffel Tower.

No matter the reason why you are on your computer for too many hours a day, you can rest assured that So Well’s USB Himalayan Salt Lamp is a perfect solution for you to live healthier and feel better, for decades to come.

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