The Uses and Benefits of a Neti Pot with Himalayan Salt

Benefits of a Neti Pot with Himalayan Salt- So Well Made

Most neti pots on the market are generally plastic, and sometimes they look like the genie’s lamp in Aladdin, or other times they look a lot like a teapot with a funky spout.

However, if you suffer from sinus symptoms like sinus headaches, allergies, stuffy and runny nose, or constant sneezing,  the benefits of a neti pot can be a lifesaver.

The benefits of our neti pot is that they are made in the USA out of high quality ceramic and not plastic and lead glaze from China.

Neti is sanskrit for “nasal cleansing” and this system of nasal irrigation, or jala-neti, has been around for thousands of years—long before the invention of Netflix and mimosa Sundays. The basic point to take home is that Himalayan salt nasal irrigation is great for flushing out those stuffy winter noses, leaving behind clear nasal passages.

Not only does neti nasal irrigation clear away all your stuffy blockage, but if your passages are swollen, Himalayan salt has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. So the next time you have an acute case of “Rudolph Nose” from blowing a runny nose or clearing out stuffy sinuses, neti flushes can help to relief that uncomfortable swelling and enjoy the benefits!

During some seasons, your nasal passages can get dry and irritated . Winter colds and spring hay fevers dry up your passages, but with regular neti irrigation, your membranes are left moist reducing the symptoms and blockage from allergies and the common cold.

The life-saving benefits of neti pots however, is their ability to relieve sinus headaches. You know that, I’m-ready-to-stab-my-letter-opener-into-my-temple-in-hopes-of-relieving-some-of-this-pressure feeling. Sinusitis affects millions of Americans and even more across the world. Regular use and benefits of neti irrigation with So Well’s ceramic neti pot and our Fair Trade Himalayan salt can relieve: sinus inflammation, headache, halitosis, anterior rhinorrhea (runny nose), cough, and nasal congestion. Numerous studies have reported customers with increased results, benefiting those with even the toughest symptoms.

It’s really easy to use.

You simply fill the neti pot with warm water and about half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. Tip your head to one side. Put the spout of your neti pot to the top nostril, and let water flow through your passage. It might take a couple tries to get the angle just right, and the salt levels perfect. (If there isn’t enough salt, or too much salt, it can be a bit uncomfortable.) Then tip your head the other way, and use the other nostril as the top nostril and drain that side.

So say goodbye to sinusitis, and start breathing easier, or saying goodbye to those weekend get-togethers because you have a sinus headache. Try So Well’s ceramic pink Himalayan salt neti pot, and start enjoying the cold weather months for a change.

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