The Many Benefits of Soy Candles

Learn the Health Benefits of Soy Candles

Did you know Paraffin wax is just another petroleum-made product—basically like plastic that you are burning in your home. The soot and air pollutants will turn even the cleanest environment into a Shanghai apartment with the windows open. In other words, they release tons of carcinogens that can be harmful to you and your family.

Instead enjoy the health benefits of using soy candles  made from pure soybeans like those available at your local farmer’s market next to the hot guy selling the kale and wheatgrass shots. It’s true that not all soy candles are created equal, many of them have some paraffin in them, and some have artificial scents or color additives—but you don’t have to worry about that with So Well’s 100% soy candles. We use only non gmo grown  soybeans and  no scents so you have the beauty of the candle light

The health benefits of soy candles- There is no soot released from soybean candles, protecting not only your décor, but also your respiratory functions. There is no worse feeling than coughing repeatedly, dealing with sinus headaches, and allergy symptoms. Paraffin wax candles will only make these winter symptoms worse, but soybean candles will leave your indoor air free and clear, while providing that soothing ambiance that you crave when you’re soaking in a hot Himalayan salt bath and reading Home and Garden—and fantasizing about how you’ll decorate your mansion when you retire.

There’s more, soybean candles are longer-lasting, so you won’t have to deal with having to go your bulk shopping outlet to buy a massive bag of those small, round tea light candles bigger than that novelty jar of mayonnaise they throw away behind the movie theaters. So Well’s tea light candles are cruelty free, and they last.

The most important health benefit of buying soybean candles instead of paraffin wax candles is that they don’t  burn at as hot of a temperature as paraffin wax candles. This can reduce those accidental burns that you get from romantic lighting after too many bottles of wine. Soybean wax burns at a lower temperature, so you won’t have to risk that awkward “House Fire Feeling”, and you can rest assured that soybean candles are safer than their toxic paraffin wax counterparts.

So isn’t it time you tried So Well’s pure soybean candles, and started taking some time alone time for you and your loved one? Don’t buy that dangerous, harmful paraffin counterpart that just pollutes your house and your lungs with cheap scents like “vanilla capuccino”—and instead try a So Well’s soy candle.

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