7 Ways to Detox Naturally with Himalayan Salt

7 ways to Detox Naturally with Himalayan Salt


Today, the environment is more polluted than ever. There are toxins in our food that are not organically grown, the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in unfiltered water. Most of the chemicals we apply to our bodies come from personal care products made from petroleum and other toxic substances.

Many people are feeling the affects of this chemical saturated world in the form of allergies, skin conditions, weakness, sleep disorders, breathing problems, mental state disorders, and much more. Our bodies are not designed to handle such a toxic overload.

It is important to understand what this toxic environment does to the body. The body, especially the liver, needs to eliminate toxins that invade it. Important functions of the liver include cleaning up toxins resulting from the metabolism of chemically treated food, toxins from the environment; toxins from the food we eat containing pesticides and herbicides, and chemicals used to treat water.

When the liver can’t accomplish all of these detoxification tasks, one may eventually become sick and exhibit such symptoms as exhaustion, skin irritations, headaches, allergies, and many other health disorders that can lead to mental confusion and the inability to concentrate.

This is where detoxification (detox) becomes a healthy part of living. Basically, you have to help your liver with the toxic overload. Detox is a methodical approach to helping your body remove toxins stored in its tissues and circulating in the bloodstream. There are a number of body detoxifications available.

Herbal Colon Therapy: (recommended at least once per year)

Many alternative practitioners continue to use colonic irrigation as part of a basic detoxification program. Natural colon cleansing involves eating a balanced diet and taking a few herbal supplements that help kill the harmful bacteria and aid in removing excess toxins. There are many great products on the market for at home colon cleansing like Dr Natura. You can also visit a health practitioner that can do this for you in a simple 60 minute or 90 minute session using water and or coffee.

Infrared Salt Sauna Health Benefits: (recommended at least 3 times per week)

The vibrations produced by infrared rays loosen and remove toxins from fat cells. Once loosened, the toxins are eliminated through sweating. Eliminating toxins contributes to better health. Infrared is considered a more effective method of removing toxins, bacteria, and other metals. It increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues which aids the reduction of muscle spasms, chronic joint pain, muscle pain, and acne. As well, it promotes relaxation, stimulates sleep, and relieves stress.

Repeated use of the infrared sauna slowly restores skin’s elimination capacities. Steam baths, sweat lodges, forceful exercise and hot tubs are more intense and less effective. Infrared heats the body, while keeping the air cool. According to research, infrared is more cleansing than traditional saunas. The deep penetration of the infrared energy allows the cells to eliminate better, and heals and stimulates tissues, which is valuable therapy for arthritis and tissue damage.

Thalassotherapy: (Great to do several times per year)

comes from the Greek word for “sea”, and refers to a variety of treatments that use salt and seaweed, each designed to tone, moisturize and revitalize the body and skin, and in many cases to improve circulation. Other marine and ocean derivatives feature in thalassotherapy include algae, mud and sand. All are cleaned and purified before use which is applied in bathing therapy. You can visit a spa and have a seaweed wrap or you make your own Himalayan salt and seaweed remedy scrub to apply topically.

Sole (So-lay): (This is a daily routine)

The mixture of water and crystal salt is called “sole” (so-lay) By drinking Sole using So Well’s Himalayan salt crystals, one can help alleviate skin diseases by cleaning from the inside out, eliminate toxins and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic because the crystal salt is able to break up their molecular structures, and eliminate toxins and bacteria from the bloodstream, thereby helping the liver function normally.

Himalayan Salt Detox Baths: (recommended to do 1-3 times per week)

A Himalayan salt bath will stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, increase moisture retention, promote cellular regeneration, detoxify the skin and help heal dry, scaling, irritated skin. Himalayan salt water bathing reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes muscles and relieves pain and soreness and will improve psoriasis. Recent studies have shown that Himalayan Salt Crystals like Solay Wellness bath salts have 84 essential mineral and nutrients that naturally recharge, re-energize, and reset the body’s internal balance. When combined with other powerful natural herbs and oils can help with pain, stress, detoxing and health boosting.  I would recommend doing a salt bath atleast 1-3 times per week.

Water Cure:

The first nutrient the body needs is water. Water is a nutrient. It generates energy. Water dissolves all the minerals, proteins, starch, and other water-soluble components and, as blood, carries them around the body for distribution. The missing natural element from the body that prevents and helps to cure painful degenerative diseases is water. Understanding dehydration will empower you to become much healthier and live longer. We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces.

Raw Food :  (We recommend you do a raw food diet for 2 weeks starting)

It is well known that reducing or removing dairy products and meat products from your diet has shown significant results in peoples overall wellness. Both meat and dairy can cause inflammation in the body and because our food sources are loaded with chemicals, switching to a raw food diet for atleast a few weeks is a good starting point. It also takes a few weeks to acclimate your taste buds to enjoying raw healthy foods that have not been heated and still container all of their nutrients, minerals and anti oxidants. (Ideally organic produce is used but even traditional can be very beneficial)

Some other things that can be an easy and simple way to detoxify using Himalayan salt is placing your feet on Himalayan salt detox tiles for 15 minutes daily.

Putting a pinch of Himalayan salt in your water or tea

Soaking your feet in Himalayan salt for 10-15 minutes

Rinsing your sinuses with Himalayan salt

Inhaling Himalayan Salt to cleanse your lungs


Because our world has become a sea of toxins, body detoxification has become healthy choice for millions of people. Detoxification can aid in the proper absorption of nutrients, prevent bacteria and parasites from proliferating, purify the blood, and improve one’s natural energy, vitality, and health.  Remember to check all he products you use, if you cannot pronounce the ingredients most probably they are man made chemicals that are doing more harm than good for your mind and body.


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