Natural Stress Relievers

Everyone is affected by some kind of stress. Whatever the source, it’s important to find ways to manage it. Destressing can benefit both your physical and mental health. Finding natural ways to relieve stress can help you feel better with less effort and cost.

Creating a Stress-Free Environment

Changing the mood and feel of your room can have a strong effect on your stress levels. If you want to relax, you’ll need to rid your home environment of toxins and create a welcoming environment to take your worries away. Himalayan salt is a great way to calm your space and relax your body. In the form of a lamp, the salt is warmed by a light bulb and produces negative ions. This helps purify the air and leaves you feeling better. The relaxing spectrum of light given off by a salt lamp can also help improve mood and even helps reduce the effects of blue light exposure from electronic devices.

Taking a Bath

Once your room has a happy glow, put your body and mind at ease with a warm bath. Taking a bath is a great way to relax because it provides time to enjoy some quiet and be alone with your thoughts. This allows you to reflect on your day, process moments that may have made you stressed, and focus on feeling better and taking care of yourself. Adding bath salts or a bath soak can help reduce inflammation and ease tension in the neck and shoulders caused by stress. Complete your relaxing environment with some aromatherapy. A small bowl of salt crystals combined with an essential oil will help you ease into relaxation and let your stress melt away.

Deep Sleep

Sleep is our body’s most natural way to forget the stresses of the day. You need good, restorative sleep to keep your body and mind healthy. Neglecting to get enough sleep regularly can cause irritability, memory issues, and long-term health issues. Avoid adding extra stress to your day by starting with a good night’s sleep. Set yourself up for success by making sure your bedroom is a retreat that cradles you in comfort. If your bed is older, consider the switch to a mattress with good support. Memory foam is both supportive and hypoallergenic, a worthy upgrade when you consider you spend a third of your life in bed. If you have trouble falling asleep at night due to stress or anxiety, try using simple meditation or breathing exercises to calm you down. Some like to count sheep, while others prefer to focus on boring things to ease themselves to sleep. Regardless of how you fall asleep, waking up refreshed will help you feel more confident to deal with whatever stress comes your way.

Getting a Massage

Stress can manifest itself physically in our bodies. A great way to release both physical tension and the stress associated with it is to get a massage. Whether from a professional or a partner at home, a massage has stress-relieving benefits and can be an effective part of a total wellness plan. Some people prefer only hands while others enjoy using hot stones, cooling pads, or other devices to get effective relief. A salt massage stone can be a great tool to target deep knots and roll out sore muscles. Himalayan salt’s 84 minerals also act as a natural deodorizer, while contact with the stone can make skin feel smoother.

Reducing your stress with natural methods ensures that you are working with your body, not against it. Give your body and mind a break and try some of these stress-relieving methods in your home.