Keep Your Dog Healthy Naturally

As a dog lover, you want your loyal friend to feel and look good. Your dog’s skin and coat perform many functions essential to its health. A healthy coat and skin provides warmth, maintains body temperature, and protects against parasites. Your dog’s skin and coat require special care to stay healthy.

Skin and coat problems are very common among dogs. Conditions include: abscesses, odors, eczema, dermatitis, dander, hair loss and seborrhea. Commercial pet shampoos contain artificial additives that can dry your dog’s skin. They consist of harsh chemicals and irritants that can either exacerbate a skin problem or contribute to a skin reaction.

To keep your dog’s skin and coat in excellent health, a good natural and effective dog shampoo is vital. Natural shampoos do not dry the skin since it retains its natural glycerin. As well, it contains no DEA, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic dyes and chlorine bleaches. The foamy excess is totally safe and will not harm children, the environment, or other living creatures. There are no irritating fragrance oils or itchy detergents. An all-natural enriched shampoo helps relieve itchy, dry, and flaky skin.  The coat emerges silky, soft, and emits a beautiful shine.  With a tearless formula, it will not irritate your dog’s eyes. Natural dog shampoo is scented with pure, aromatic essential oils so there are no artificial additives and chemicals. These oils remove dog odor without leaving an overpowering perfume residue on your dog. Natural dog shampoo contains a number of ingredients essential for healthy fur and skin.

Jojoba oil – Rich in vitamin E, it is a great moisturizer that replenishes vital nutrients to help keep skin clear, healthy, and bright. Because jojoba oil is so similar in composition to a dog’s natural skin oils, it will moisturize and add shine to the fur.

Wheat Germ and Aloe Vera – Recommended by veterinarians to relieve skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin. This shampoo is all natural, soap free, and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly. Aloe Vera adds strong anti-fungal properties to this mild, but deep cleansing shampoo. Ideal for washing an animal’s coat, it is used as an alternative to the liquid soap for cleaning infected areas.

Coat ConditionersAvocado oil, flax seed, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids ensures your dog’s skin and coat are healthy and glowing.

Himalayan Salt –This all natural salt has a strong purifying and re-mineralizing effect. This natural salt helps to restore healthy skin and glossy coat, improves skin function, and strengthens hair shaft and follicles. As well, it treats dry scaly skin, eczema, relieves itching, and hastens healing of skin lesions and fungal infections of the skin.

Why Natural Dog Bedding is SO important

Many people do not realize that their pet’s bedding can be unhealthy. With chemicals and dyes added to manufactured bedding, your pet’s health may be at risk. Fortunately there are now many types of natural bedding being produced. Organic dog beds are gradually becoming the preferred choice among dog owners because the materials used to make these beds are free of dyes, chemicals, and pesticides. Certain dogs suffer from allergies, while others suffer from respiratory problems. When organic materials are used to make pet beds, it guarantees that even the most sensitive dogs will be able to stay away from allergies and any other ailments caused by pesticides. An organic bed helps your dog sleep more comfortably and breathe easier.

Don’t Forget about Non Toxic Cleaners

Many common household cleaners contain harsh toxic chemicals that emit toxic pollutants at levels that can lead to health risks for both people and pets. Fortunately, consumer demand for healthier cleaners has lead to a variety of non toxic cleaners. Healthy and environmentally friendly cleaners contain no solvents, caustic chemicals, acids, bleach, and ammonia, so you, your family, and your dog do not have to inhale or come into physical contact with toxic elements.

Dogs are valuable and well-loved members of the family. Just as we do our best to take care of our children, we need to implement safety measures for our faithful furry friends.

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  1. Kay Burch
    April 1, 2016

    I would like to hear more and find out more about your pet products and any other products that are new that come in , also , my light bulb and cord were taken from my kemp I have , I see you have the light bulb but not the cord .I was just wondering if you might could locate me a cord that goes with the bulb , please , Thank you so very much !!!! Thank You …. Kay Burch

    • isabella
      April 1, 2016

      HI Kay! yes, call 866-497-0274 and we can send you a new dimmer cord! they will be back on the website soon. But call for now!

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