Ingredients to Avoid – Natural Foods for a Healthy Life

The manufactured food industry is a global group of numerous companies that provide much of the food consumed by the world population. Only farmers, who live on what they cultivate, can be considered outside the range of the modern day food industry.

The majority of these manufactured foods are prepared using chemicals, preservatives and natural coloring. There are a number of manufactured ingredients that can be harmful to the body:

BHA and BHT – Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and its related compound, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are usually added to foods to preserve fats.  They are found in butter, meats, baked goods, snack foods, dehydrated potatoes, beer and other processed foods.  Some studies have shown that these two compounds can cause cancer and tumors in lab animals.  Certain individuals may also have difficulty metabolizing BHA and BHT.  They have been banned in U.S. baby foods and completely barred in Japan, Romania, Sweden and Australia.

Sulfites may appear as potassium bisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, sodium sulfite or sulphur dioxide on food labels.  They are often used as preservatives in wines (to prevent spoilage and oxidation), dried fruits and dried potato products.  Some individuals are allergic to sulfites and may have difficulty breathing within minutes of consumption.  Asthmatics and people with allergies to aspirin are more likely to have a reaction to sulfites.  In 1985, the U.S. federal government banned the addition of sulfites to most fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sodium Nitrite is used as a color fixative and preservative in meats and fish.  Sodium nitrite is a salt that is used to cure meats and fend off the bacteria which causes botulism.  It is found in ham, bacon, hot dogs and smoked/cured fish.  New studies have found a link between high processed meat consumption and colon cancer.

Several major studies show that non-ADD student populations’ academic performance increased and disciplinary problems decreased when artificial ingredients and preservatives were removed from school food programs. Allergenic preservatives in food or medicine can cause anaphylactic shock in susceptible individuals, a condition which is often fatal within minutes without emergency treatment.

Go Natural

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical toxins and genetically modified organisms. They’re not only safer, but they’re also more nutritious because of higher vitamin and mineral concentrations. Organic fruits and vegetables usually taste better than commercially grown varieties. It makes both good health and good financial sense to buy organic, pesticide-free whenever possible. This not only includes produce, but also meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. All animal foods are best raised free-ranging, organically fed, and free from hormones.

When looking for natural foods, it is important to make sure that the food does not contain any chemical additives, such as preservatives or artificial coloring.

Handmade, So Well’s line of granola is prepared the old fashioned way. Himalayan salt enriches the flavor of the other organic ingredients. You can eat it as a snack or add “milk” for cereal.  Ingredients include: organic rolled and quick oats, pure maple syrup organic sunflower oil, So Well Himalayan salt, organic vanilla extract, and pure wildflower honey.

So Wells line of Himalayan Salt caramels is handmade and contains all natural and healthy ingredients that include: vanilla butter caramel hand made with a subtle Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt finish that entices the tongue and accentuates the buttery caramel flavor.

Your body would be better off without additives, chemicals and coloring added to processed foods. Processed foods and prepackaged meals are very convenient and popular. If you do shop for these foods, be sure to look for products that are made with whole grains, low in sodium and calories, and free of Trans fats. To be healthy, it is important to limit your intake by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and locally baked breads. 

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