How to Use Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks

Learn How to use Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks for the Best Vegetarian Cooking 

If you’ve never used a Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt Block—your’e in for a real gourmet treat!  It’s one of my top five “desert island dinner party must haves”, right up there with a fork and a corkscrew bottle opener.

They are basically artisan carved Himalayan salt platters in various sizes that can be heated or cooled and  they will add a subtle flavor, that makes for a perfect substitute for a light finishing salt.

For example, that next social gathering you have with your girlfriends, a few bottles of Merlot, and some Nora Ephron movies—why not use cool So Well’s Himalayan salt blocks in the refrigerator and then serve some thinly sliced tomatoes with feta cheese topped with basil with a slice of seeded watermelon on the side-the perfect salty sweet combo!

How to use Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks for Vegetarian Cooking in the oven…

just heat them in the oven about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, (the first time you use them, they will need to be heated slowly at 100 degrees at a time every 15 minutes to dry the salt blocks so they don’t crack) or try them in the broiler after you heated them slowly. 

They are perfect for  serving eggs table-side for that romantic morning brunch, even serving sizzling vegetarian fajitas for your Tex-Mex bingo night.

You can even cook pizzas or savory pastries with the salt platter right on the rack, and leave everyone wondering at how you got that perfect golden crust.

For the guys, you can use So Well’s pink Himalayan salt blocks as grilling platters. Don’t worry, even your “Can’t-Cook-Anything-But-Oatmeal” husband will make use of these trays. Just set the blocks right on the grill, and you’ll impress with the full flavor that you’ll get from your marinated mushrooms, peppers, corn, sliced potatoes and any other grilled veggies you eat- they all work on a Himalayan salt block

How to use Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks for Vegetarian Cooking in the Freezer…

They are perfect for serving dessert trays of dark-chocolate-dipped berries, or your own decadent sorbet. Just freeze the block for a couple hours and scoop your favorite chocolate ice cream—and a slice of that lovely red velvet cake.

The best benefit about these Himalayan salt platter blocks is the easy cleanup. Just scrub gently with a slightly damp sponge or brush, then leave it to dry on a rack. You’ll remove a light layer of the Himalayan salt, leaving behind a fresh new surface ready to be used again. Himalayan salt has anti-microbial properties, but feel free to heat up the salt block in the oven to disinfect it if you are still concerned. When cared for properly, your gourmet, pink Himalayan salt block will last for years to come, and then feel free to grind them up and enjoy your own seasoned salt for many years. 

Gourmet Himalayan salt blocks are so versatile—as serving platters, grilling trays, table-side cooking surfaces, or even frozen dessert trays.  

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