Himalayan Salt Products For Dogs

At So Well, we all know how much you love your dog. This is why we take the time to find only the best for our furry little children. We shower them with affection and love, we buy them toys and novelty sports team sweaters, we brush their teeth, and they return our attention by always being there when we need them the most.

Now So Well has a line of Himalayan salt products formulated just for dogs.

They give you their best every day, through breakups and heartache, through illness and age—haven’t they earned the right to be pampered?

So Well has also fashioned Himalayan salt Deodorant Powders specifically for our canine friends. Each one is loaded with 84 different minerals embedded in our Himalayan salt which are sure to scrub away that pet dander—easing sneezing symptoms, and reducing on the dust that accumulates in your home. These deodorant powders are made with gentle ingredients like all spice, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda—without the need for chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce. These also contain no pesticides, phosphates, dyes, alcohol, or animal byproducts—completely vegan and cruelty-free. It wouldn’t be fair to harm animals for the sake of your pets, right? They are also formulated with essential oils that smell divine, such as: lavender for calming your pet, cedar for boosting your dog’s healing powers, and peppermint for easing chronic pain relief.

So Well’s pure, Fair Trade Himalayan salt is antibacterial, that has been shown to ease and prevent skin issues such as dry, flaky or cracked skin. Healing your pet’s skin will cut down on pet dander in your home, as well as embedding 84 different minerals to keep your puppy’s skin healthy. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar balance your cuddly pet’s pH, and then our essential oils ease itchiness that often lead to too much scratching, helping to combat parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Or if you prefer unscented, So Well has crafted a special unscented doggy shampoo that is sure to leave your pet’s skin feeling softer and healthier, with a shiny coat that will have your pet feeling silky smooth and never greasy. Don’t settle for shampoos with harmful chemicals that will only leave your pet’s skin drier than before, creating more dandruff and dander. So Well’s all natural dog shampoo can help odors, abscesses, eczema & skin rashes. This will help to fight off parasites and maintain a healthy balance in your pet’s skin. Our special formula is made with care, both conditioning and hydrating with ingredients like wheat germ, aloe vera, SLS-free coconut-derived surfactants. This shampoo will keep your dog healthy, clean, and happy. Healthy skin leaves a dog itch-free, avoiding painful rashes and dryness that result from over-scratching.

In the end, you can’t find a higher quality shampoo or deodorant powder that is sure to leave your best friend loving their new fur coat. They wear it every day, you might as well have them loving the skin their in. Try Himalayan salt products for dogs and enjoy our 90 day guarantee!

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