Himalayan Salt Bath Soaks: Perfect for Winter

Himalayan Salt Bath Soaks for perfect pampering, relaxation and “me-time” this winter.

So Well has the perfect solution for you. Take some time away from your busy schedule, and all those pesky “responsibilities” and try a Himalayan Salt Bath Soak.

There’s no better way of taking the chill out of your bones than a hot soak in the bath tub while you listen to your favorite tunes, or take a silly magazine quiz like Which Sandwich Condiment Characterizes Your Relationship. But if you’re going to soak in the tub, why not benefit from all the miraculous effects that So Well’s Himalayan Salt Bath Soaks can afford.

They have one for everything. If you’re feeling stressed from the daily routine—work, kids, commute—our handmade So Essential Stress Relief Natural Bath Soak is just the way to unwind at the end of the day.

Or if you’ve been dealing with stubborn pain from last weekend when you and the girls got together to play rugby, So Well’s Pain Relief Bath Soak can seep deeply into any chronic pains from all manner of ailments. Say no to daily pain, and unwind with this magic bath soak.

Are you on a cleansing juice fast, trying to flush out the toxins from last Friday night? Try the So Essential Daily Detox Bath Soak that is guaranteed to clear out your pores, and cleanse your system so that you can feel rejuvenated and fresher than you have in a decade—except the 80’s, those were pretty fresh.

You can try the So Essential Health Boosting Foot Soak that is sure to boost your immune system, in case you feel a slight cough coming on from the chilly weather, and you don’t want this to ruin your weekend in Napa, or that important conference in Las Vegas. You’ll feel your body refreshed and replenished, ready to take on any sickness nasty Mr. Winter has to offer.

All our Bath Soaks are made with completely natural ingredients like fresh ginger, or South African Rooibus, tailored specifically for whatever ailment you have this winter, be it stress, health, pain, or a buildup of toxins. We use Apple Cider Vinegar to activate the 84 different minerals locked into our Pure Himalayan Salt Crystal. You won’t believe how amazing you feel after just one soak, and some “me-time”. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to this well-being treatment? Or how about all four? Purchase all four, and get 15% off> The real question remains, why not get this?

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