Himalayan salt bath rituals

Himalayan Salt Bath Rituals

Turning Your Bathing Rituals into a Re-energizing Healthy Retreat with a Himalayan Salt Bath

How taking a bath with Himalayan Salt can promote health from the inside out

After an eventful stress-packed day, your thoughts float away to a hot bath for a temporary mental escape. This may be your usual “go to” solution for stress and minor aches, but you’re exhausted, sore and you feel unbalanced. That steaming soak won’t offer you lasting therapeutic relief. Goodness! Don’t you deserve much more than that, especially after the day you’ve had?

So why not try a Himalayan salt bath ritual?

As you’re spiritually renewed, physically cleanse away toxins and restore harmony. You’ll be revitalized with positive energy and improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Sound Amazing? Or does it sound too good to be true?

The truth is the 84 minerals and elements contained in Himalayan salt rocks help to purify the body and balance the PH level of your skin, which is crucial for maintaining the ideal acid and alkaline levels in the body.  Let the salt dissolve in the tub first, then submerge your body for about 20-30 minutes.  Relax. Feel the negative energy being released in the bath water.

An added bonus is that Himalayan salt reduces the signs of aging. Imagine that! And that’s not all. Absorbing the minerals through the skin contributes to overall health, particularly for inflammation, vascular health, respiratory function, bones, healing, pain relief, blood pressure, circulation, hydration and let’s not forget…a restful sleep.

You should feel tingly all over just thinking about it!

After your regular bathing ritual, haven’t you noticed that your skin is dry?

Normally you have to apply a generous amount of lotions and oils just to counteract it. Not with a Himalayan bath salt ritual!

When you emerge from a Himalayan salt bath, your skin will be smooth and glowing. Let yourself dry off naturally. Don’t worry, your skin will retain the moisture. You will feel silky smooth after a Himalayan salt bath!

For the Ambiance and added Health Benefits

enhance the experience by lighting Himalayan salt candles. You’ll bask in the warm soothing glow. And for dry flaky skin, pour some essential oils in the water to help relieve it. You’ll be so glad you did.

So get ready to prepare your Himalayan salt bath and establish a new bathing ritual. You’ll feel refreshed, alive and healthier.

At So Well you can try some of our bath soaks, along with our tea lights and salt crystal holders. Your body, mind and spirit will love you for it.

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  1. Tamela
    July 7, 2016

    Can I use the larger crystals as in rocks in a bath or will it desolve too quickly? I wondered about using the salt rocks in making the sole as well. Can you direct me? The rocks that are about the size of a quarter to half dollar..

    i do in home childcare and I am married to a police officer.. We need all the stress relief we can get. Thank you kindly and have a peaceful day.

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