Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps For Your Home

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

You may have seen a version (there are many kinds- not all created equal) of a Himalayan Salt Lamp in well-decorated homes and offices, or in spiritual stores festooned with dream catchers and mandalas, but did you know the benefits of  Himalayan salt lamp in your home is that they can actually cleanse and deodorize the air around you?

We believe  every home should experience the health benefits of  Himalayan Salt Lamp  because they release something called “negative ions”. These are atoms and molecules that have been supercharged with energy as if they just got through a Kundalini yoga session. The more healthy ions surround you, the better you will feel. 

Electricity, friction, and heat (like the light in our Himalayan Salt lamps) can bump around electrons—knocking them off some atoms, and sticking to others like ex-girlfriends in a little town. Atoms that have an extra electron are the negative ions, and they help you breathe better and feel rejuvenated while you’re just in your office or home.

The junk left over when an electron moves on to try and find Mr. Right, is called a “positive ion”. These particles collect indoors, often released from your electronics like TV’s or all the Apple products we all use throughout the day. These positive ions can make us sluggish—zapping our energy, and making it hard to get through the day that is why every home should have atleast 1 himalayan salt lamp, but we recommend to have many.

In nature, the earth is constantly producing negative ions that counter these positive ions, helping to restore the balance of the air around it. Energies like friction from a cascading waterfall or electrical storms from fresh rain create negative ions. The benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamp can help you get ready to face the day, tackling that I’m-never-going-to-be-able-to-get-out-of-bed-feeling.

Le’ts face it. It can be hard to get fresh air when you’re busy taking care of work or family. You miss out on natural negative ions because taking a walk on a beach every morning is impossible unless you live in Malibu, and it doesn’t rain every morning to get that rush of fresh air. Now you can get that same feeling and health benefits with So Well’s Himalayan Salt lamp—providing a better night’s rest and waking up ready to take on your day.

If you have trouble getting rest at the end of the day, and you have that my-mind-just-won’t-shut-up feeling, then having Himalayan Salt lamps in your home can help you getting a deeper, more restful sleep. It’ll help you breathe better, taking in fresher air—even at night while you’re dreaming of that yacht off the coast of the Bahamas. Your brain will actually releasing seratonin, the neurotransmitter that is responsible for literally making you feel happy.

And during the winter, when your house gets darker than a flat in London, the soft glow and benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps will release pleasant hues of apricot, orange, and reds along with white and deep smokey grey’s if you get a SO Well lamp. These shades though have been shown to have several benefits, replacing natural light in those gloomy dens, livening up a spooky corner that scares your 3-year-old, or a basement prison dungeon—because we all have those right? Seriously though, this can help ease the symptoms of Season Effective Disorder, easing the mood swings that can arise from shortening days and the onset of winter.

As an added bonus, So Well’s Himalayan Salt Lamps can also reduce static electricity in the air—easing those wrinkly outfit days, and nearly eliminating those awkward static shocks when you’re trying to get your romance on. Say goodbye to static electricity “bed head” Bad Hair Days, and that uncomfortable “static cling”.

At the end of the day, So Well’s Himalayan salt lamps make lovely conversation pieces, while adding to any home décor. So Well’s holistic lights use only low wattage bulbs that save energy. Plus we contract via the highest standard in Fair Trade agreements, so you can feel great about helping out our skilled craftsmen, and enriching your life. The real question remains, why not buy Himalayan Salt Lamp here?

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