5 Step Skin Care Regime to Look and Feel your Best

Healthy products = Healthy Skin

Easy to use 3 step, 4 step or 5 step

Skin Care Regimen helping you LOOK & FEEL SO WELL!

Step 1 – Cleansing

Getting your face clean doesn’t do much good if you don’t use the right product to clean it! Our foaming cleansers are made with a variety of plant extracts, fruits, and of course, Himalayan salt, so they’re all-natural and chock full of nutrients. The Himalayan salt alone has 84 different minerals in it, and the other ingredients contain powerful antioxidants that can prevent your face from looking old, dry, and dull.

Our calendula and mango cleanser is great for problem skin, while the lavender and acai berry cleanser is the perfect anti-ager. Or, if you’ve got sensitive skin, try our unscented cleanser. It will gently make your skin just as fresh and clean!

Cleaning your skin is essential at least once per day. If you wear makeup, always use a cleanser at night to remove makeup and residue from the day. In the mornings, cleansing removes oil build up from the night. Use gentle tepid water and always work in a circular motion massaging your skin. Our hand made skin care products are vegan and contain no parabens or fragrance and will not leave a sticky residue on your skin.

Step 2 — Toning

No matter what kind of skin you have, you need a toner that can balance your skin’s pH and retain all of that natural moisture. Just like the cleansers, our toners are all-natural, and we’ve got a special blend for sensitive skin — so they’re perfect for everyone!

Toners also remove residual makeup and oils, so use a spray or apply to cotton ball and gentle wipe your skin in an upward motion. You can also carry your toner with you and use as needed during the day to give your face a quick pick me up.

Step 3 — Moisturize

Your face can’t look its very best without a healthy amount of moisture! Get that youthful look with our moisturizing lotion. Made with Himalayan salt, avocado oil, and botanicals, it will revitalize tired, damaged skin cells so that you wind up with a healthy glow! A good moisturizer will not only hydrate but all also repair your skin overtime. Just like food, your skin is the largest organ, so anything you put on it gets directly absorbed into your body. Feed it well and look well!

Step 4- Exfoliating

Our exfoliating face scrub will dig deep to wipe away all of the day’s dirt, grease, and stress. Make sure your face is slightly damp or steamed in the shower, simply massage into your face in gentle circular motion before you moisturize, so that all of that soothing moisture can travel deep inside your skin — without a bunch of dead cells getting in the way.

Exfoliation is recommended 3 + times a week. Our exfoliating ingredient are organic jojoba esters, the most effective and gentle exfoliation and works on all skin types and gentle enough to use daily.

Step 5- Tightening

For a deep treatment try our detoxing clay face mask. It uses a unique type of clay to draw out toxins and eliminate blemishes — and the Himalayan salt that’s mixed in will infuse your skin with minerals! This mask will tighten pores, pull out blackheads, and reduce acne. Also can be applied to acne and left to dry overnight to reduce redness.

Use this mask after step 3, so cleanse your skin first, then tone, exfoliate, so that all of our products can penetrate even deeper into your skin. Then apply a thin layer all over your face avoiding eye areas, let dry and wash off with a wash cloth or natural sponge. Apply toner again to balance your ph levels and then apply our moisturizer.

Helpful hints! Always test your skin in a small area first to make sure.

Added Care:

You can give your sensitive areas some extra TLC with our special neck, eye, and hand creams. They’ll give you all the moisture you need, without weighing your skin down.

If you want to completely envelope yourself in moisture, you need our whipped body butter! We’ve combined nutrient-rich Himalayan salt with shea and coconut butters to create a one-of-a-kind luxury that will make your skin feel as good as it looks!




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