Reporter Hits the Salt Pipe This Allergy Season

If you have not heard me go on and on about the nasal bidet/netti pot, you just haven’t sneezed around me.

After Dr. Oz showed the world, via Oprah, about this little teapot contraption used to drain salt water through your nostrils, I was among thousands who rushed out to get one. It took some time to learn the technique, but I’m hooked on natural, drug-free sinus relief.

Now I’m on the salt pipe, which I understand Doc Oz likes as well. Colored crystals of Himalayan salt go into this oddly-shaped device and the breather, that would be me, inhales the benefits from the minerals in through the mouth and out through the nose. It feels amazing, and my family is making fun of me only because they are jealous they don’t have their own Solay Wellness Inc. salt pipe. There’s nothing more to explain how good it feels in the lungs and nose, but I will tell you has lines of Himalayan salts to eat, coffees, teas, chocolate, etc., and mineral bath and body products.

I’m hooked on the salt pipe and want others to follow me.

– Darragh Doiron The Port Arthur News