High-energy objects such as crystals, stones, and plants to help heal…

Look around: everything is not what it seems. . . . a computer, a desk, a light fixture. . . . they are not really physical things at all. They are energy! The science of quantum physics is finally proving what healers and mystics have been saying for centuries, that our physical world is really made up of forces of energy! And if everything is energy, then all things act upon each other and we have incredible potential for change.Some things respond fast to the energies around them and can change very quickly—living things. Plants, animals, and people, all can change swiftly and react rapidly to forces around them. Stuff like rocks is denser than flesh and therefore slower to change, but it does change, and it certainly acts on the matter around it.

Albert Einstein and other scientists proved what seems to be impossible: that matter and energy are interchangeable. In other words, matter can change to energy and energy can transform into matter. Healers take advantage of this by tapping into the universal energies around them to help their patients. They also use high-energy objects such as crystals, stones, and plants to help heal their clients.

Many therapies use energy as part of their process. In fact, most alternative medicine makes use of some kind of energy. Methods like Reiki and chakra healing use energy hands-off, while there is a wide array of hands-on bodywork therapies that use energy. Favorite techniques include craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy, and therapeutic touch. Environmental energy practices such as feng shui (pronounce it fung-shway) adjust the design in homes and workspaces to allow energy to flow in a healthy way.

Many healers use sounds, such as music, drumming or toning (vocal sounds) to help clients heal. Many also use crystals, which are reputed to have a powerful, high-level energy, having been subjected to incredible pressure beneath the earth over many millennia. Therapeutic salt works the same way. It is made up of crystals over 250 million years old, subjected to powerful forces deep within the earth.

You yourself are made up of energy both physical and spiritual. Your energy affects everybody you come into contact with, and everything affects you. Just knowing this, you can improve your health by working on your energy, with a therapist or on your own.

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