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salt back pillow

Size:  16″ x 8″

Removable Washable Cover

Filled with 100% fair trade Himalayan Salt

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Product Description

So Well’s ingenious Hot or cold salt Himalayan Salt Back and Stomach Therapy Pillow are hand made with a high quality natural cotton filled with Himalayan salt crystal. These easy to heat pillows can be placed against sore or strained muscles, easing pain and relaxing away stress. This moist heat will work its way into stiff muscles and joints. This therapy pillow, which is handcrafted , comes with a removable, washable cover and is pleated to keep the salt in place. 

Directions: Heat in the oven at 195 degrees Fahrenheit, for 15 minutes, or keep in the freezer for cool therapy. Feel free to use at room temperature also. The pillow will stay hot or cold for at least 30 minutes and can be reheated or cooled for longer therapy.  No Microwaves.

Also safe & great for kids and small dogs. Comes with our 90 day guarantee.

Fair Trade | Artisan Crafted | One-of-a-Kind


Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs


Therapy pillow with removable, washable cover & drawstring cotton bag for easy travel.


Fair Trade

What is the big deal about Fair Trade? We actually get this question a lot! If you look up the definition of Fair Trade, you will find results similar to a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. But to us Fair Trade is that and so much more!

Our long time relationship with our family of artisans in Pakistan operate under strict standards including no child labor, employee rights, full time benefits and fair wages. We do not supply big box stores and only work with customers who value high quality, uniqueness and Fair Trade. Our collections of Salt Lights are rare and the colors are beautiful, deep and rich in minerals. The finished lights are symmetrical, unlike many other vendors, and finished with high quality screws and dark hardwood bases.

Fair Trade ensures that producers receive fair market prices, are free from labor abuses and use sustainable growing and production methods. In a world where corporate profits rule these crafters and farmers are often exploited, creating a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. Fair Trade can break that cycle, creating better lives, stronger communities and a healthier environment. We are dedicated to Fair Trade, and use suppliers dedicated to Fair Trade and sustainability. We partner with our artisans’ communities, promoting social justice, small businesses and local non-profit organizations.

Sustainable: Our ingredients are harvested sustainably and we use 100% reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Global: We work with global producers to harvest the freshest ingredients following Fair Trade and sustainability practices for all of our salt rock crystal lights and products.

So Well is a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade:


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