Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillow for Eye & Ear


So Well’s Eye and Ear Therapy Pillow with Himalayan salt is a great way to ease those stress headaches after a long day.

  • Size: 8” x 5”
  • Materials: 100% cotton removable cover, fair trade Himalayan salt filled cotton pillow
  • Includes: One fair trade Himalayan salt pillow and one removable, washable 100% cotton cover.

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So Well’s Eye and Ear Therapy Pillow with Himalayan salt is a great way to ease those stress headaches after a long day. You won’t believe its effectiveness at soothing earaches and relaxing tense facial muscles. All in a natural, reusable and completely ecofriendly, package.  This therapy pillow is often used for cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation from chronic back strain, cutting painful swelling so you can experience relief today.

Our Himalayan salt therapy pillows are a safer and more economical way of reducing tension, pain or headaches than over-the-counter medications. Our Himalayan salts are securely stitched inside the natural cotton pillow to keep the salt in place and our therapy pillows come with removable, washable covers for easy care and carrying. 

Our therapy pillows with pure fair trade Himalayan salt are excellent for relaxation, safe for adults and kids and can be used safely with your animals.

Directions: Heat in the oven at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-20 minutes for soothing, ionizing warm therapy, or cool in the freezer for soothing cold therapy. Feel free to use at room temperature, as well. Do not microwave.

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What is fair trade? And why is it so important? Learn More

Fair trade | Handmade

So Well® has been designing and importing handmade, fair trade, authentic and rare Himalayan salt lamps and other fair trade and handmade Himalayan salt products since 2004.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

Fair Trade

What’s the big deal about Fair Trade? We actually get this question a lot! If you look up the definition of Fair Trade, you will find results referring to a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions while promoting sustainability. But to us, Fair Trade is that and so much more!

Fair Trade ensures that producers receive fair market prices, are free from labor abuses and use sustainable growing and production methods. In a world where corporate profits rule these crafters and farmers are often exploited, creating a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. Fair Trade can break that cycle, creating better lives, stronger communities and a healthier environment. We are dedicated to Fair Trade, and use suppliers dedicated to Fair Trade and sustainability.

We import all of our salt products through a long-term direct relationship that creates mutual accountability. Our partners observe fair trade principles that include 25% greater than average wages, human rights such as rest breaks, chilled water, protective clothing, safe working environments and medical care. You can be assured that our talented craftsmen are respected and cared for as valuable members of the So Well team.  We do not supply big box stores and only work with customers who value high quality, uniqueness and Fair Trade.

A primary component of trade is the small premium that buyers of fair trade goods pay as part of their purchase price for socially responsible products. An important factor of the fair trade social premium is that the producers decide where and how it is spent. In our case, our production partners use it to raise wages, create a safe working environment and offer important benefits.  Additionally, our ingredients are harvested sustainably and we use 100% reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

So Well is a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade. Learn more here.

Heat & Cold Therapy

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, refers to the use of heat to relieve pain or swelling and increase health. By applying heat to a painful area, one can increase the extensibility of collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness, reduce muscle spasms, and help to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Expansion of the blood capillaries is the primary objective of heat therapy. Heat therapy increases the effect on muscles, joints, and soft tissue. Heat is typically applied by placing a warming device on the relevant body part.

Newer breeds of heat therapy devices combine a carbon fiber heater with a cordless rechargeable lithium battery and are built into the specific body wrap (i.e., shoulder wrap or back wrap) for targeted heat therapy. Such devices can be used as alternatives to chemical or plugged-in heating pads, but have not been shown to improve the clinical benefit. All devices primarily provide heat to promote vasodilation.

Our salt pillows are an excellent option for heat therapy practices. The pillow can be heated safely in your oven at 175 degrees Fahrenheit, and then applied directly to the painful area. Additionally, these pillows can be wrapped in a bandage or muscle wrap for more targeted or immobilized heat therapy.

For those looking for a complement to heat or cold therapy with salt pillows, our Himalayan salt bath soaks can also be used in soaking therapy.

 Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, or cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. Cryotherapy is widely used to relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling either via soft tissue damage or postoperative swelling. It can be a range of treatments from the very low technology application of ice packs or immersion in ice baths (generally known as cold therapy) to the use of cold chambers (whole body or partial body cryotherapy) and or face masks or body cuffs with controlled temperature, sometimes called hilotherm.

Our salt pillow products can also be used for cold therapy. Simply place the pillow in your freezer until it reaches a cold and comfortable temperature, and then apply it to the painful area. Remember to remove your cold pillow every 10-15 minutes and allow your body to reacclimate to room temperature, to avoid the potential effects of frostbite.

For those looking for a complement to heat or cold therapy with salt pillows, our Himalayan salt bath soaks can also be used in soaking therapy.


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