Himalayan Salt Sole Starter Jar (Solay)

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  • 4-6 Month Supply
  • Includes resealable jar
  • Himalayan salt rocks included

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Himalayan Sole (Solay) is concentrated salt water solution that releases 84 different minerals locked in our pristine Himalayan salt. 

ONLY 1 teaspoon of sole a day helps:

  • Replenish depleted minerals, (we dont get in our food) 
  • Pull out stored toxins (like metals such as mercury)
  • Rejuvenate your tired cells to boost your immune system and energy levels (filled with electrolytes)
  • You won’t believe how great you feel & sleep. 

Each Sole Starter Jar lasts for up to 6 months! (that’s less than $3 per month!)

The use of sole is an inexpensive and safe way to naturally detoxify the body, while imparting essential minerals to your body. Replenishing our body with pure ionic and colloidal salts are beneficial for all ages, even for pets. Our human bodies represent the oceans from which all life was born. Restore your natural balance with our homeopathic remedy, and feel the benefits of a younger, more vibrant body with our Fair Trade Himalayan salt sole.

Directions: Add purified or spring water to your starter jar. Every morning, before having eaten, take 1 teaspoon of sole and add it to an 8oz glass of water. Wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything for best results.

Starter jar will last up to 6 months. Refills Sold here: in 16 oz and 5lb

Our customers report increased energy throughout the day, and a deeper sleep at night, regular bowel movements, boost to immune system reducing cold and flu duration, and better flexibility in joints and muscles.

What else can you use Sole for?

  • Gargling
  • mouth wash
  • cooking
  • bathing
  • cleaning your face
  • neti pot

Fair Trade | Artisan Crafted | One-of-a-Kind

Additional information

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Use of Sole is a very inexpensive, safe and homeopathic method for getting the necessary minerals and electrolytes our bodies need. We are made of salt water, so replenishing our bodies with pure, unrefined, ionic and colloidal natural salt and clean water is essential to our overall well being.  This natural remedy is beneficial for adults, children and pets.

The mixture of water and crystal salt, called “sole” (so-lay) is the most flexible physical representation of pure solar and light energy. It is in fact the origin of life, or the proverbial primordial soup. Every vital biological process on Earth is directly connected to an energy
potential, which comes about when water and salt combine. Salt is literally stored energy and water is the universal solvent.


How much (sole) solution should I take every day?

A: Every morning, take one teaspoon of brine mixed in a glass of good quality artesian or spring water. Drink this on an empty stomach before taking breakfast. The amount of water is up to you, but you only need one teaspoon of sole for your daily intake.


Are there any negative side-effects when drinking Himalayan Sole (so-lay) regularly over a long period of time?

A: One teaspoon of Himalayan Sole contains approximately 411mg of sodium. This very small amount of salt has an incredibly positive effect on your whole body, and normally, does not cause any danger even when taken regularly. But be careful about using commercial table salt. The USDA recommends a daily intake of no more than 2,500mg of sodium depending on your body weight. Himalayan Crystal Salt can be more readily metabolized by the body than refined table salt. This is the reason that it should also be used for seasoning your food and for all your cooking and baking needs.

Fair Trade

What is the big deal about Fair Trade? We actually get this question a lot! If you look up the definition of Fair Trade, you will find results similar to a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. But to us Fair Trade is that and so much more!

Our long time relationship with our family of artisans in Pakistan operate under strict standards including no child labor, employee rights, full time benefits and fair wages. We do not supply big box stores and only work with customers who value high quality, uniqueness and Fair Trade. Our collections of Salt Lights are rare and the colors are beautiful, deep and rich in minerals. The finished lights are symmetrical, unlike many other vendors, and finished with high quality screws and dark hardwood bases.

Fair Trade ensures that producers receive fair market prices, are free from labor abuses and use sustainable growing and production methods. In a world where corporate profits rule these crafters and farmers are often exploited, creating a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. Fair Trade can break that cycle, creating better lives, stronger communities and a healthier environment. We are dedicated to Fair Trade, and use suppliers dedicated to Fair Trade and sustainability. We partner with our artisans’ communities, promoting social justice, small businesses and local non-profit organizations.

Sustainable: Our ingredients are harvested sustainably and we use 100% reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Global: We work with global producers to harvest the freshest ingredients following Fair Trade and sustainability practices for all of our salt rock crystal lights and products.

So Well is a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade: Chicagofairtrade.org

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I started using the solay salt water 3 yrs ago I now have several members of my family using it as well. I have noticed better sleep and less joint pain. Plus it worked great for a gargle to fight off a sore throat!

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