Amber Rectangle Himalayan Salt Lamp – 40 lbs.

$169.90 $159.95

Weight: 35-40 lbs

Height: up to 10 inches

Length: up to 12 inches

Width: up to 4 inches

Ion Radius: Approx 16′

Limited Quantity !

UL tested Dimmer cords,  15 watt bulb, and care instructions included.

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Zen Lighting with Amber Rectangle Himalayan Salt Lamp

To understand the benefit of amber salt lights, think about a moment when you took a breath of fresh air and felt instantly relaxed. Now you can have that feeling all the time in your bedroom, office and living space. So Well’s Amber Salt Lights ionize the surrounding air, oxygenating it, which recreate this same experience in your daily environment.

Our skilled artisans craft all of our salt products by hand at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Because all So Well’s products are created with the highest standard in international fair trade agreements, you can rest easy knowing that you are supporting our talented artisans, while enriching your environment with the negative ions released by these unique salt lamps.

Our Amber rectangle salt lamp is truly a one-a-of-kind piece that will leave you and everyone who feels the glow of its warmth feeling so well. Each light is mounted on a Zen-inspired wooden base, and comes complete with 2- UL tested Dimmer cords, 15 watt bulbs, box and care instructions.

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Fair Trade | Artisan Crafted | One-of-a-Kind


Additional information

Weight40 lbs



AMBER: Our Amber Collection Lights are ideal for deep relaxation, restful sleep, insomnia, and grounding. The deep, serene glow of the Salt Lights is caused by their rich mineral content. Their natural colors add a sense of serenity and a relaxing feel to homes and offices. Deep orange, apricot and red color is used to inspire bliss, balance and creativity in color therapy. Our customers report deeper, restful sleep after placing an Amber Salt Light in the bedroom.
What makes the coloring? Irons, Ore, Copper and Magnesium are the predominant colors making the spectrum of amber.

WHITE: If you want something that looks as good as it makes you feel, tap into the power of white. Our White Collection Lights are great for energizing, healing, mediation, and giving a surge of positivity. They are perfect for work environments to give you energy throughout the day.

GREY: Our Grey Collection Lights are designed to be dark and have little light shine, perfect for those who want the therapeutic benefits of the negative ions but cannot sleep with a light on. The Grey Lights have an added bonus of being rare and very unique.


HOW LONG DO THEY LAST? DO THEY EVER STOP WORKING? All our Salt Lights last indefinitely (after all, they are already millions of years old). They will never lose their ability to generate negative ions or help mitigate EMFs (electromagnetic fields). ARE THE LIGHTS ON YOUR SITE WHAT I WILL GET? Each fair trade salt light is original with its own distinctive organic shape and color. So Well lights are beautifully crafted with a very specific “shaping” (no lopsided, dirty rocks as most companies sell) and handpicked for you. The images on our website are So Well lights, but yours will be similar yet different. Please specify a shape preference (rounder, more pyramidal, squarer etc.). SHOULD I KEEP MY SALT LIGHT ON ALL THE TIME? To get the best effect, keeping the light on as long as possible is recommended. Leaving any electrical unit unattended is not advised. WHAT KIND OF BULB DOES THE LIGHT NEED? WILL IT RAISE MY ELECTRICAL BILL? The relaxing, organic soothing glow and striking shapes of our Salt lights make these natural works of art that work wonders for your health, and require only replacement 15-watt bulbs to keep their power and beauty for a lifetime. Making them as affordable as they are attractive and functional. The 15 watt bulb is so energy efficient compared to the manmade machines which can be harmful and require increased energy. The standard 15 watts bulb is very energy efficient considering you would only need one-two lights as a night light for a large room. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NATURAL SHAPED LIGHTS AND THE SHAPED LIGHTS AS FAR AS ENERGY AND NEGATIVE IONS? We provide products that bring out the inherent beauty and wellness aspect of the natural materials they are created from. If your interior does not lend itself to our more roughhewn shapes, we do offer gently smoothed lights that fit nicely into a more polished interior space. We do not promote the machining of “novelty” artificial forms or objects completely unrelated to the ancient crystals they are created from. In our minds, too much manipulation with modern tools negates the beneficial properties of the lights themselves, as well as, destroying their aesthetic quality. We choose our lights by their quality, beauty, integrity and responsibility. We work only with the best manufacturers. WILL THE LIGHT BE TOO BRIGHT TO SLEEP WITH? Every Salt Light comes with a UL tested Dimmer cord so the brightness can be adjusted to your desired light shine.


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