So Well Monthly Contests! Will You Be Our Next Winner?

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6 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Kristen Wilson,

    My twin sister has a Himalayan salt lamp in her house and every time I visit her I feel so at ease and the whole house has a positive vibe to it. I would love for my home to have that feeling.

  2. Pnina Mazor,

    I visited the store today. My girlfriend celebrated her BD today and I wanted to treat her to a spacial day. We spent time at the salt room, we used the massage bed & sauna. Thank you so much for a relaxed afternoon.

  3. Tanya Mathews,

    I am thankful first for my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, and then the things He has given me. Such as family, the essential oils, nutrition and other natural ways to improve our health….such as your salt lamps! I would LOVE one! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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