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Solay Wellness DBA SO WELL ®was born June 2004 in chicago , IL. I had been working in the organic yoga and wellness industry for several years by that time, always ahead and on the”  look out”for new, unique and beautifully made “healing” lifestyle products, and it was that summer of 2004-I discovered my first Salt lamp and I fell in love.

I purchased 10 of them from the original supplier who was importing them from a family of artisans in Pakistan. I did my research, which at the time, there were only a couple suppliers of these lamps and mostly from Poland- which is the birth place of the salt lamp and speleotherapy (cave therapy)

I decided I wanted to share these with the world and so I began building my very first website. Since the lamps were so new, we got alot of attention! and were featured in every magazine. Every body was mesmerized by these lamps and so we grew from a 2 bedroom condo where I personally picked and packed all the orders to a small family run warehouse in Skokie.

About 2 years later (2006) we started creating our very first brands of wellness products using Himalayan salt as the core ingredient because of all of its healing properties, it made sense to create products that I personally needed and knew were safe and effective for myself and others.

We started winning awards for our products and we continued employing small hand crafters to formulate and develop more products that I still use everyday and needed and then I shared with all of our customers.  It was a perfect fit! I needed soap, so why buy soap when we can make it? and it continues like this, ensuring that everything we offer you is exceptional ( I have great taste and have tested countless products)

Now 12 years later (2016) we still work with the SAME family of artisans overseas, who ethically source the salt and get a living wage and are taken care off, which means our lamps are still beautiful and unique to the market because our artisans care about the quality of their work.

Is there a difference? ABSOLUTELY. Just like any product, the quality, craftmanship, intention will vary. If the artisans are taken care of, it shows in their work.  We don’t put out anything we don’t ABSOLUTELY love and know it is the best available. If you have met me in person-you know this!

Our intentions create our world. At So Well, my intention is to provide you with only the best products-guaranteed. Safe, effective & beautifully hand made products that will help you and your families be SO WELL.

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My travels to the Himalayas :   mewithgoat

Join us on the journey, and discover how feeling “So Well” can dramatically transform your entire life!

Thank you SO much for your support!

Isabella Samovsky, Founder


12 thoughts on “About So Well

  1. Lisa Nicholas,

    Good Morning, received an amber salt lamp from our daughter for the Holiday. It has been turned on almost everyday all day long shortly after Christmas. The bulb is burnt out already. Wondering if it is okay to keep them on so much, or is it best to turn them off through out the day. Love the lamp, looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

    1. isabella,

      Hi Lisa! glad you love your lamp! Thank you!. Yes, keep them lit all the time, for best results! The bulbs can last weeks, months or even longer, it does vary, but they are very simple bulbs to replace, they are called night lights or candelabra or fridge lights, usually around $1 or so, we do sell 6 bulbs for $6 ($1 each) If you dim them a lot or turn them on and off or just the power pulled can make a difference, but at least its easy replacement! the link is here for bulbs:

  2. Jamie,

    We received our Salt lamp and we just love it and we purchased it for my daughters room and we will be purchasing another one for my other daughter and for the whole house. The product is so well made and it fits there name. I can’t say enough about their product. You can tell it’s the real thing and we just love the idea that it comes in a dimer. Thank you so much!

  3. Jane,

    I now have 3 so well lamps. I bought them in hopes of improvement with asthma. They have indeed helped with asthma and breathing in general. Thank you for your excellent products and fantastic customer service.

  4. Pamela,

    What is the hightest wattage that can be placed inside the salt lamps? I have purchased several of your 15 watt bulbs to have on hand and give extra bulbs with the gift lamps I’ve given. I see candelabra bulbs in 40watt and 60 watt — just wondering if those are possible and safe – as well as safe to dim?
    Thank you

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